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Japanese Premium Quality
Face Masks

4 layers, BFE 99%, PFE 99%, VFE 99%, Deodorization, Absorbs Allergens, Skin-Friendly, Disposable, Individual Packaging

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Why Choose "Made in Japan"?

Japan has a culture of wearing face masks in daily life for a long time, and there are many face masks that are made with great care in terms of performance and quality. We offer premium quality face masks manufactured in our own factories by leading Japanese manufacturers.

Commitment to High Quality

Japan is very good at making high quality products and has a very high passion for quality.

Pursuit of Functions

In Japan, there are many highly functional products available due to competition in the face mask market.

Cost Effective

The cost of manufacturing at the factory is well saved, making it a cost effective and fair price.


Japanese Premium Quality

Many inexpensive face masks are not high enough in quality and are not fully tested by an independent laboratory. On the other hand, the high performance filter used in this mask has been checked by an independent testing organization for 99% PFE, 99% BFE and 99% VFE, and it blocks viruses, house dust and pollen.


Multifunctional Solutions

Some of the problems with face masks include bad breath, the smell of the mask itself, and itching in areas that come into contact with the skin. The high-performance filters used in this mask are effective in removing allergens, eliminating odors, antibacterial effects, and reducing itching.


Large transactions

We deal directly with top-tier manufacturers, so we can handle large projects. It takes more days and shipping costs to deliver from Japan, but we offer a fair price that is commensurate with function and quality.

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Premium Quality

The 4 layered filter removes particles, bacteria, and viruses, and also has a high deodorizing effect.


99 % cut

Particle Filtration Efficiency


99 % cut

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency


99 % cut

Viral Filtration Efficiency


90 % cut

Deodorization Efficiency

  • PFE (Particle Feasibility) [Measurement] Kaken Test Center, Japan
  • BFE (Bacterial Barrier Properties) [Measurement] Kaken Test Center, Japan
  • VFE (Viral barrier) [Measurement] Nelson Laboratories, USA
  • Deodorization efficiency of more than 90%. [Measurement] Bo-Ken Quality Evaluation Organization, Japan
  • Pollen (approx. 30 μm) 99% cut. [Measurement] Bo-Ken Quality Evaluation Organization, Japan
  • All test results are based on filter performance.


Specially processed phthalocyanine filters have many other functions as well.


With a deodorizing efficiency of over 90%, it reduces the odor of bad breath and cigarettes from sticking to the mask. It reduces the unpleasant odor of sweat and age-related odors and breaks down formaldehyde and air pollutants.

Absorbs Allergens

Phthalocyanine treated non-woven fabrics adsorb allergens such as allergenic mites, pollen, pets and molds.


The skin-friendly, hypoallergenic 4-layered filter inhibits bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus by its antibacterial and anti-odorizing effect and reduces skin problems.

Air Purification

It is also compatible with the air pollutant "PM2.5". Phthalocyanine treated non-woven also have the ability to adsorb and protect against sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides.


Since it is a disposable mask, there is no need to wash and dry it. It saves time and effort after use, making it ideal for busy people, the elderly, and large groups of people at facilities and events.

Individually wrapped

Individually wrapped, so you can carry it around in your bag, keep it in your store or office as a spare, or hand it out to people at events so it's always clean and ready to use.

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Select a package to view the specifications.

Mask Body

Package Individually wrapped
Mask Body
Approx. 7 "L x 3.5 "W
(17.5 cm x 9 cm)
Inner Bag
Approx. 8.6 "L x 3.9 "W
(22 cm x 10 cm)
Color blue
4 Ply (4 Layer)
1. PP non-woven
2. Melt blown non-woven
3. Phthalocyanine treated non-woven
4. PP non-woven
PFE 99%:
Measurement: Kaken Test Center, Japan
BFE 99%:
Measurement: Kaken Test Center, Japan
VFE 99%:
Measurement: Nelson Laboratories, USA
Deodorization efficiency of more than 90%:
Measurement: Bo-Ken Quality Evaluation Organization, Japan
Pollen (approx. 30 μm) 99% cut:
Measurement: Bo-Ken Quality Evaluation Organization, Japan

All test results are based on filter performance.

Polypropylene, Rayon, Polyester
Ear laces:
Polyurethane, Polyester
Nose fit wire:
Inner bag:
Country of origin Japan
Product Name AllerCatcher ® Masks

Mask Box (30 masks)

Packeage Paper Box

Each box is also packaged in plastic, so you can see that it has not been water damaged or opened.

Pieces 30 masks
(1 Box = 30 masks)
Size Approx. 8.7 "L x 3.9 "W x 4.1 "H
(22 cm x 10 cm x 10.5 cm)
Mask Box:
Outer Bag:
Country of origin Japan
Product Name AllerCatcher ® Masks

Carton Box (600 masks)

Package Carton Box
Pieces 600 masks
(1 Carton = 20 Mask boxes of 30 masks)
Size Approx. 19.2 "L x 21.2 "W x 4.1 "H
(49 cm x 54 cm x 25 cm)
Country of origin Japan
Product Name AllerCatcher ® Masks
for Trade 1 Palette = 28 Carton Boxes
(1 Palette = 16,800 masks)


When using this product, please pay attention to the following items.

Do not use this product in areas where harmful dust or gases are generated.
If symptoms of irritation or rash appear, stop using this product and consult a doctor immediately.
This is a disposable product. It is not reusable by washing.
Do not use near fire.
Keep out of reach of children.
The nose-fitting wire in the upper part of the mask, so please handle with care.
Please make sure that there is no space between your face and the mask, as the performance varies depending on how you use it.
Due to its manufacturing structure, the mask may contain uneven colors or fibers of different colors, but this does not affect the quality of the mask.
PM2.5 refers to particles smaller than 2.5 μm but may contain particles smaller than 0.1 μm.
The filter's individual collection (filtration) efficiency does not guarantee the performance of the mask itself.
If there is a gap between the mask and your face, fine particles, pollen, etc. may enter the mask.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is the structure of 4 layer filter?

    The first layer cuts out larger particles and droplets, including bacteria.
    The second layer, the micro-fiber filter cuts out particles as small as 0.1μm.
    The third layer, the specially processed phthalocyanine filter decomposes and neutralizes unpleasant odors and absorbs allergens.
    The fourth layer is a skin-friendly filter that absorbs the moist air inside the face mask.

    4 Layer of filtration, multiple shields
  • The high performance phthalocyanine treated non-woven fabric is effective in decomposing and neutralizing unpleasant odors, so it is packaged separately to maintain its effectiveness.
    Individually wrapped, so you can carry it around in your bag, keep it in your store or office as a spare, or hand it out to people at events so it's always clean and ready to use.

    Individually wrapped to preserve the effect
  • It is a blue or green pigment used in road signs and train bodies. When I studied phthalocyanine derivatives at a Japanese university, I found that they decompose and neutralize natural odor components including ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, inhibit the growth of bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, and adsorb allergenic substances produced by mites and other bacteria.

    Phthalocyanine is mainly used as a paint
  • This is because metal phthalocyanine is a substance that acts in the same way as an oxidase. An oxidase is one that acts to break down undesirable things in the body and make them easier to excrete. In the body (especially the liver), this action protects us from a variety of things.

  • A Japanese textile manufacturer and a university have collaborated to develop a technology for processing phthalocyanine derivatives into fibers using a dyeing method. By processing phthalocyanine into a specially processed non-woven fabric, it has become a highly functional filter that absorbs and protects against viruses and absorbs and decomposes odors and allergenic substances.


Our company was founded in 1971 during a period of rapid economic growth as a trading company exporting Japanese products overseas, and over the years we have played a role in promoting Japanese values to the world.




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